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Teaching Children Life Skills<br>Through Games, Art & Drama
Teaching Children Life Skills
Through Games, Art & Drama
How Their Brains Create<br>Thoughts, Feelings & Actions
How Their Brains Create
Thoughts, Feelings & Actions
Self-esteem Resillience,<br>Managing Anxiety, Fear & Anger
Self-esteem Resillience,
Managing Anxiety, Fear & Anger


Creating a world where every child develops the courage to follow their heart and intuition, the
resilience to overcome fears and obstacles and the ability to speak out and be heard.
BEST 4Learning was founded in 2014 by Julia Johnstons and Vicky Lambert. Their mission is to help
young people develop the skills that are needed to thrive in today’s society; Resilience, Empathy,
Emotional Control, Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem.
BEST teaches children to understand how their unique brain works and how their thoughts and feelings
create their actions, giving them strategies to overcome the Anxieties and Challenges that they face in
today’s world.
BEST now reaches hundreds of children in schools across West London, through BEST Clubs. After
school clubs for primary children teaching social and emotional skills through games, art and drama.
BEST creates workshops for both primary and secondary schools. Following the requirement of Ofsted in
providing effective pastoral support our bespoke programmes for young people focus around developing
positive mental health, taking control of anxiety, smooth transition into secondary, and understanding
respect and consent.
BEST also provides 1-1 interactive sessions, tailored to teach, and provide strategies for a child’s
individual challenges, such as Anxiety, Self-Confidence, Sensory Processing, Dyslexia and Asperger’s.
BEST Table Talks transfers the learning through to the parents. Around the kitchen table we discuss the
knowledge behind their child’s brain development and strategies to help overcome parenting challenges
from toddler, to tween to teen.


BEST Clubs create a safe, healthy, environment in which primary children can explore and develop the social and emotional life skills needed to thrive in today’s world.
BEST Clubs are a weekly after school club, taught through games, art and drama, motivating and inspiring children to be proud of their individual strengths, whilst learning to work together as a team, building both self-awareness and empathy for others BEST Clubs are designed around the development of the brain and focus on how our thoughts and feelings create our actions. They teach in taking control of the Primal Brain; through exploring their Emotions and developing Emotional Control and the Modern Brain; developing a Growth Mindset and Resilience and the ability to recognise anxiety, using strategies to overcome their challenges.

For your child to sign up for a place in their school please follow the links to your school on this website.

For more information on how to get a BEST Club at your child’s school, please email:



As parents and carers, we are faced with many challenges in nurturing our children's
attitudes to life and learning, especially in today's fast-moving world of technology. Along with this are the insecurities that we force upon ourselves. With so much information readily available - telling us what we should be doing and how we should be doing it - many of us, instead of feeling empowered and knowledgeable, feel confused, and doubt ourselves and
our decisions. Here's where we stop feeling like failures and start to bring back our natural, gut instincts.
Table Talks provide you with strategies to enable the brain to guide you, to connect you with
your own, unique child; How they are Thinking, how they are Feeling and how that affects
their Behaviour. Helping you develop your child's skills to grow into a confident young adult


Julia Johnston was once a painter and illustrator before finding her passion in Emotional Health and
Wellbeing. It is here that she has spent the second half of her career, researching and working alongside
children, teaching them how to grow self-esteem, build resilience, overcome anxiety and manage their
1-1 interactive sessions are tailored to provide strategies for your child’s individual challenges from Anxiety
and Self-Confidence to Sensory Processing and Asperger’s.
Together Julia and your child create a personalised scrapbook in discovering how their brain turns their
thoughts into feelings and subsequently their actions. This they use as a workbook and gives them the
ability to share their learning with parents and carers.
Each interactive session lasts 45 minutes. Some sessions may involve art, building or sometimes baking so
that the knowledge is embedded creatively and the strategies easier to recall.
Sessions cost £60 per hour and a suggested 6 week beginning period advised with ongoing parental
For more information, please email

“I enjoyed these lessons because they helped me be more confident in both my primary and secondary school.  It helped me to be more confident with my opinion” Year 6 Pupil

“I really enjoyed BEST because we learnt about secondary school and answered a lot of my questions about this, I also enjoyed it because we had activities and not only learning” Year 6 Pupil

Transition Workshops

 I like learning stuff about us that we don’t learn in school such as the brain and you overcome our fears and why we get angry”. Macy, Year 6

I loved the ‘bouncing back’ on the space hoppers. We raced up and down the room to make us think about not giving up. We laughed so much! I have to remember that when I get angry with my maths.” Kavarie, Year 4

I think that BEST Club is the best! Sam Year 1


BEST Clubs


“A great session. As a girl, I really do wish my friends and I had a session like this
about boundaries and consent. It really would have helped my friends and I in our
teens.  You’re both so kind and calm too which really helps the girls feel more
confident”     Year 6 Teacher

“Vicky and Julia were great with the girls, it was good to see how they built on
consent with the popcorn and kissing. The girls felt open to be honest and ask
questions. There were great scenarios and role play”    Year 6 Teacher

Respect and Consent Workshops


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