Transition Programme for Y6’s

What Can BEST Transition Programme offer your school?



Moving from Primary to Secondary school can be an exciting
and also daunting challenge for both child and parent. Major
adjustments in responsibility, friendships and what changes lie
ahead can create anxiety and unnecessary stress.

BEST Transition Workshops are designed around the development of a child’s brain. Understanding how each unique part creates our ‘Thoughts, Feelings and Actions’. This enables a child to understand and take control of their ‘Survival, Emotional & Thinking Brains’. We focus on nurturing a ‘Growth Mindset’ skills by creating positive thinking and recognising each child’s unique strengths. We provide them with strategies to take control of their emotions and manage anxiety and stress, motivating them to grow into strong and confident young adults.


BEST Transition workshops take place on timetable, during the school day in the summer term, June / July. The programme is made up of 5 modules. Each module lasts 1 hour, with 2 instructors for up to 30 children. The 5-week programme can be taken weekly, or divided up into group sessions that fit into a school’s schedule. Included in the package is a Q&A morning with parents to enable communication about the programme.

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 BEST Transition workshops are educational and interactive, using Games, Art & Drama to engage the children to learn visually, auditorily and kinaesthetically. The programmes centre around Life Skills that we need to develop, such as – Resilience, Emotional Control, Decision Making and Empathy, encouraging Responsibility, promoting Healthy Friendships and being able to bounce back from our Failings and Mistakes.


5 Modules - Transition to Secondary: Y6                              

5 x 1 hour or 2 x 2.5-hour mornings

  • The pros and cons of secondary school.
  • Our unique brains and taking control and responsibility.
  • Making mistakes and raising resilience.
  • Friendships
  • Growing a positive mindset and overcoming obstacles.



“I enjoyed these lessons because they helped me be more confident in both my primary and secondary school.  It helped me to be more confident with my opinion” Year 6 Pupil

“I really enjoyed BEST because we learnt about secondary school and answered a lot of my questions about this, I also enjoyed it because we had activities and not only learning” Year 6 Pupil

Transition Workshops

 I like learning stuff about us that we don’t learn in school such as the brain and you overcome our fears and why we get angry”. Macy, Year 6

I loved the ‘bouncing back’ on the space hoppers. We raced up and down the room to make us think about not giving up. We laughed so much! I have to remember that when I get angry with my maths.” Kavarie, Year 4

I think that BEST Club is the best! Sam Year 1


BEST Clubs


“A great session. As a girl, I really do wish my friends and I had a session like this
about boundaries and consent. It really would have helped my friends and I in our
teens.  You’re both so kind and calm too which really helps the girls feel more
confident”     Year 6 Teacher

“Vicky and Julia were great with the girls, it was good to see how they built on
consent with the popcorn and kissing. The girls felt open to be honest and ask
questions. There were great scenarios and role play”    Year 6 Teacher

Respect and Consent Workshops