Lionel YR – Y6


Dates: Monday 16th September   – Monday9th December   (excluding MOnday 28th October)

Day: Monday

Time: 3.30pm – 4.40pm

Venue: Hall

Year group: YR – Y6

BEST clubs are designed to help grow your child’s social and emotional wellbeing. By focusing on the development of a child’s brain we teach how each unique part creates our thoughts, feelings and actions. Through interactive activities in sport, art and drama we build the life skills needed to develop into strong and confident young adults.

This term our programme is Neuroscience for Kids –  Skills to Self Regulate our Emotional Brain

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The nervous system is like a light switch. When our brain decides that most of the incoming information is safe, it keeps our switch in ‘Connection’ – your green pathway, This is where are three brains are working together, we feel calm and balanced.

When our nervous system decides the incoming information is not safe, the “danger-danger” system comes online and it flips us into ‘Protection’ – your red or blue pathway.

This term we focus our attention on regulating strategies to recognise the different pathways and being able to shift from blue and red into green.


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