Anxiety vs Fear

“You’re driving in your car when a single thought pops into your head, “Did I turn off the iron?” You begin to mentally retrace your steps, but you still can’t remember turning it off. You probably did… but what if you didn’t? Your anxiety begins to build as the image of the electrics overheating, an image of a fire pops into your head. Just then the person in the car in front of you slams on the brakes. You grab the steering wheel tightly and hit your own brakes hard, and stop just in time. A surge of energy fills your entire body, your heart is pounding, muscles tensed, but you’re safe. You take some deep breaths “That was close!”

Danger is all around us but is activated within our bodies by two very different brains: The Emotional Amygdala and The Modern Cortex. One can save our life, the other can create anxiety.



This workshop helps you to recognise the difference between real danger and what we call anxiety – listening to our thoughts, our Monkey Mind, predicting a future and catastrophising.


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