Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour Through the Development of their Primal Brain

Many parents and educators are caught in an endless cycle of seeking out new strategies to overcome a child’s behavioural challenges, focusing on skills and motivation to do the things that we feel are in the child’s best interest.

Because of this we often address things we see without understanding what’s going on below the surface. We use all our “strategies” to fix our children rather than understand them.

However, a child is far more influenced by what is going on with them internally. They are far more driven by their ‘Primal’, Emotional brain and how they feel, than they are by their ‘Modern’, Thinking cortexes and what they have been taught and are expected to do. They have not yet developed the skills and abilities that we are constantly asking them to use.

Understanding how the three different evolutionary parts of the brain work together enables one to have a better understanding of emotional health. Understanding the brain development can help us first with healing ourselves from any emotional damage and then enables you to look at your child and see what area of the brain is being used at any given time.



This workshop helps to understand your child’s developing brain and the behaviours they are communicating to you.


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