Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour Through the Communication of their Nervous System

If behaviour is a form of communication, what is your child trying to communicate to you?

Each of us reacts to the world from moment to moment from receptive to reactive in order to keep ourselves safe. What influences this is the state of our ‘Nervous System.’ A stable nervous system: strengthens a child’s capability to be flexible, think and make decisions. A vulnerable nervous system: increases a child’s wariness, fear and defensiveness. Children aren’t necessarily consciously choosing these behaviours. Many reactions serve to protect the child from a subconsciously felt sense of unease or threat.

Your child’s nervous system reflects what they are feeling.

Our strategy as parents shouldn’t start with trying to eliminate a behaviour. Instead, we should try and strengthen our child’s nervous system. Once we understand how our child’s body and brain are managing life’s big and little challenges, we can help children to use new experiences to grow and not be overwhelmed by them.




This workshop helps to understand your child’s nervous system and the behaviours they are communicating to you.


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