What We Do


BEST CLUBS are designed to motivate children to take responsibility for their actions by teaching social and emotional skills from 4 – 16 years of age. The clubs run termly for 11 weeks at a time, designating 1.5 hours weekly to each particular year group and focusing on understanding different skills in each termly program.

The word ‘emotion’ comes from the Latin word ‘motion’. BEST entices curiosity through the variety of team games, creative activities and drama, engaging the children to learn in many different ways, visually, auditorily and kinaesthetically.

Creating a world where every child develops the courage to follow their heart and intuition, the resilience to overcome fears and obstacles and the ability to speak out and be heard.

As adults we can look back through our past and see how our experiences have sculpted the person that we are today. Some have had difficult childhoods or negative experiences growing up. Some have been hurt through unhappy relationships, or suffered disappointment from a job that hasn’t worked out. Many have made a mixture of good and bad decisions, many have made mistakes and many have had to change their expectations and try new directions.

This is normal and natural and an inevitable part of the human experience

How Do We Teach That To Children?

As parents & carers we are faced with many challenges in nurturing our children’s attitudes to life and learning, especially in today’s fast moving world of technology. More negative pressure is put on children and young adults from social media sites with the persisted need to ‘fit in’. In a ‘get famous / rich fast’ thinking world, there is a general lack of resilience, and self-esteem when ideas and dreams do not materialise.

From an early age children are noticeably struggling when facing setbacks, having fixed-mindsets about what they can and can’t achieve


How will your child benefit?

The security that your child is learning strategies in skills such as: Communication, Resilience, Growth-Mindset & Confidence, necessary to equip them when having to face changes and challenges in everyday life: new siblings, school life, divorce, exams and interviews, bereavement, friendship / relationship break ups, to name a few….

The reassurance that your child is practicing Mindfulness and other strategies in managing their emotion