Emotional Regulation – Understanding Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Like a jigsaw, we are all made up of many pieces that, when put together, make us who we are. Each of us has different pieces and this is what makes us all unique. Sometimes our different pieces make us worry that we don’t fit in, but in actual fact our own different pieces is what makes this world so diverse.

Diversity means recognising, respecting and welcoming everyone’s different backgrounds, identities and experiences. It is important to embrace and to celebrate each and everyone’s differences and uniqueness.


In our Diversity & Inclusion workshop, through games and discussion, the children will learn to –

  • Understand their similarities and differences to others in their class.
  • Discuss equality and the importance that everyone is treated fairly and given the same opportunities in life.
  • Discuss that everyone deserves to feel respect, protection and love.
  • Look at the differences that men and women still face today.
  • Learn about equity and that not everyone’s circumstances are the same. They practice supporting those with different needs.


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