St Vincent’s Y3 – Y6


Dates: Thursday 19th September  – Thursday 12th December   (excluding Thursday 31st October)

Day: Thursday

Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Venue: Library

Year group: Y3 – Y6

BEST clubs are designed to help grow your child’s social and emotional wellbeing. By focusing on the development of a child’s brain we teach how each unique part creates our thoughts, feelings and actions. Through interactive activities in sport, art and drama we build the life skills needed to develop into strong and confident young adults.

This term our programme is The Journey Through the Pathways in Our Nervous System  – Learning to Recognise and Self Regulate our Emotions through our Pathways

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The Three pathways in our nervous system – Our Green Pathway where we feel calm and balanced, our Red Pathway which is our Fight and Flight Pathway and our Blue pathway where we feel anxiety.  In our Programme this term we are teaching the children about these three pathways and how we can bring ourselves back to our Green Pathway when we have perhaps strayed ed to our red or blue pathway.  We are learning about what sends us off into our red pathway, what takes us out of our calm and balanced pathway.   We teach the children strategies that will help them to get back and stay on the green pathway of calm and balance.

As children grow, self regulation helps them to learn at school because self regulation gives children the ability to sit and listen in the classroom.  It helps children to behave in socially acceptable ways because self regulation gives children the ability to control impulses. It helps children to make friends because self regulation gives children the ability to take turns in games and conversations, share toys and express emotions in appropriate ways. It helps children become more independent as self regulation gives children the ability to make appropriate decisions about behaviour and learn how to behave in new situations without external guidance.


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